5 Angels We Can’t Wait To See On The Runway

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show must be the one fashion show in the world that makes me feel simultaneously confident, sexy and empowered rather than large, inconsequential and homely. I don’t know whether it is the fact that the models strut down the runway with a smile rather than a scowl or if it is because they are tall, toned and sexy instead of wraithlike and bony but I haven’t missed a show since 2008 so they must be doing something right. Since the fitting for the show was today, it had me wondering what was in store for this year’s show. Every year they select a band of new models to walk and those models are then shot out into superstardom. Here are 5 models who I would like to see strutting that runway this year.

1. Ali Michael: Ali was pretty big on the scene until the eating disorder debacle and I don’t know about you but I have been missing her! She is looking quite hot since her recovery and if you don’t already follow her on Twitter than you certainly should because her tweets are hilarious, so clearly she has the Victoria’s Secret personality! I could at the very least see them featuring her in the Pink section.


2. Lindsay Wixson: Lindsay is having her moment this season with campaigns for Armani and Chanel well under way. Victoria’s Secret is famous for featuring quirky one of a kind models on their runways and this gap toothed babe seems to fit the bill. With her pouty lips and perfect figure, Lindsay has the sensuality to ascend as an angel this year.


3. Daphne Groenveld: At only 18 Daphne has the kind of career that most 20 something models envy! She is a paradigm of high fashion allure and already a bombshell in the way only pillow lipped blondes can hope to be. The next Candice perhaps?


4. Georgia May Jagger: I don’t know what it is about the gap tooth but it drives any fashion obsessed follower wild! Georgia is a nighclub regular like her parents before her as well as a friend to Cara Delevingne who rocked the runway at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show just last year. My only question is, why has no one considered her before?


5. Yumi Lambert: Featured in more avant guarde campaigns for magazines such as V and Dazed & Confused, this exotic Belgian transplant flies slightly lower on the radar than her more prominent model contemporaries so what better way to launch her into supermodeldom than to walk with some of the biggest names in the business?


Written by: Amanda Lang

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