Top 5 Feng Shui Tips For A Productive Office

Your office space is your temple. After all, when you go to work, you spend most of your time in that certain confined space, whatever work setting you have. That being said, it would be wise to invest in some sort of energy restoration such as Feng Shui in an effort to maximize your organized work space potential and minimize your stress all at the same time!


Tip #1 – The first tip in matters of Feng Shuing your office would be to ultimately focus on the overall space that you are dealing with. As soon as you enter your office, regardless what size it is, what do you feel?  Breathe deeply in and out and then pay attention to the air. Perhaps the first thing to invest in your office would be an air purifying plant. This enhances the quality of the air in any given office, and should undoubtedly provide you with added natural scents! You can kind so many plants by Googling them, but some of the more popular plants that need minimal work would be: Aloe, Spider Plant, Peace Lily, and Jade Plant. Your chosen plant will undoubtedly bring in some life (pun intended) to your office space!


Tip #2

 – Color is equally important while maintaining your positive vibe in your office. It has been said that the color blue, for instance, has a calming effect on people. Research shows that when people are getting interviewed and the interviewer is wearing something blue, the person being interviewed is less likely to get nervous. So, there you have it! Focus on adding some delicate blue color to your walls, such as paint, wallpaper, desk pictures, etc. Blue minimizes stress, so be empowered by some blue coloring today and you might just get your work done that much faster and in a relaxed state! Need I say more?


Tip #3 – 

The third Feng Shui tip for a more productive office space would include the specific comfort of your back. Here is where your energy is consumed and equally expressed throughout the day as you keep busy. When you are at work, most of the time is probably spent sitting down at your desk, whether that includes making phone calls, answering clients’ emails, etc. In addition, in creating a good feng shui backing, always keep in mind that a strong and supportive back will translate into positive successes in your work experience. Therefore, go out to your nearest furniture store and find an awesome chair that fills your whole back and supports it in a way that makes you feel totally relaxed while you are sitting in it. Here is a logical tip: the firmer it is, the better it is for your back.


Tip #4

 – The fourth Feng Shui tip for a more productive office would entail a certain amount of directional options. When it comes to the north, south, west, and east directions within a typical compass, Feng Shui participates in that sort of energy vibe. When you put a desk towards a window, it has more positive as well as creative energy flowing to you. However, if your office does not have a window, you should play around with the space and essentially position your office desk in varying places until you eventually find the right Feng Shui energy spot for your own unique personal comfort. Now get to work!


Tip #5

 – The last but certainly not least Feng Shui tip for a productive as well as successful office space would be to incorporate a routine that promotes mindfulness and serenity. There are many routines that can be applied. The best ones require a candle in front of your eye sight on your desk so that you can look at it directly and take slow deep breaths during the day and a gratitude journal. This places great emphasis and focus on your center, your own power. A candle gives you a sense of calmness and a journal gives you a daily reminder to write down what you are grateful for. You can make a habit of it. Write down in your journal each morning or each evening right before you leave work. It can be so simple as a 2-5 sentence observation of your life through a positive perspective to turn your frown upside down. Through these relaxation techniques you are opening up your channels for positivity, success, and the balance of it all! Happy Feng Shuing folks!

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