Top 3 Oscar Moments: Gender Equality, Gaga’s Pipes & Redmayne

In our Galore opinion, there weren’t many headline worthy moments last night. In fact, the Oscars 2015 had us yawning, scrolling through Instagram, and even cleaning our desk drawers out. Perhaps it was due to an absence in Kanye, or maybe we are just over awards season, but all know is that it wasn’t hard to narrow down this list. Although last night was on the tamer side, these three moments were wholly important. See what we’re talking about below!

1. Patricia Arquette gave an epic speech calling for gender equality and we are in LOVE with Meryl & JLo’s reaction!

2. Lady Gaga showed us all just how good she really is during her tribute to The Sound of Music. We’ve known she’s talented, but this performance made the entire world’s jaws drop.

3. Eddie Redmayne gave a rather humble acceptance speech for his Theory Of Everything Oscar. As he blushed, we blushed!

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