The Top 10 Colleges That Supposedly Have The Hottest Guys

Not that you’d ever choose your college based on how good-looking the guys are or anything. But just in case, we’re sharing this list with you.

Dating app Clover has compiled their data to come out with list that is allegedly the top 1o schools with the hottest dudes. Yes, we know these lists are kind of BS.  You probably didn’t need a list to tell you that party schools that are easy to get into have the hottest guys, but isn’t it kind of fun to see anyways?

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1. West Virginia University

Okay, so West Virginia may have a bad rep for schoolin’ dudes with rocks for brains… but the same dudes may also have rock-hard abs?

2. University of Missouri

Super random. Pretty sure I don’t know a single thing about Missouri, but I do now know that they’ve got some hot college students, allegedly.

3. University of Colorado

Every hot stoner from your high school probs went here and is now living out his long-haired, bong-ripping dreams.

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4. University of Nevada

If the dudes don’t live up to your expectations, you could always take a trip to Vegas for a Magic Mike-type show.

5. Florida Atlantic University

Honestly, going to school in Florida and not having a hot body just wouldn’t make sense.

6. University of Arizona

U of A is a huge party school, which means that bros with biceps live for it.

7. Indiana University

Indiana is also a huge party school.

8. University of Utah

Don’t let Utah’s association with sister-wives turn you off, I guess.

9. University of North Carolina

Smart boys that are also sexy and probs look great in Carolina blue, win-win!

10. Florida State

Again, this is unsurprising because it’s really easy to have a motivation to be fit when you’re constantly in warm weather. A tan also doesn’t hurt.

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