Turns Out People Really Are Breaking Up Over Trump

If you’re dating a white American male who’s not super liberal, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten into arguments over politics in the last year.

Even if you’re not somebody who normally pays too much attention to current events, the amount of extreme stuff that has been going down lately has been tough to avoid. It’s also gotten harder to deal with a partner who is ignorant of their own privilege, and doesn’t take a stand because things don’t affect him (or her) directly.

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And if you’ve considered dumping your bae because he still brings up “the emails,” or you actually went ahead and did the damn thing, you’re not alone.

In fact, new data from Wakefield Research showed that 1 in 10 couples ended their relationships over political differences, with 22% of millennial couples breaking up because of politics.

The survey was conducted in April and had 1,000 participants from all over the country.

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Dating “experts” always say not to bring up politics, but it’s kind of impossible when shit has gotten so crazy. And it’s easier to fix bad sex than it is to educate a racist a-hole who dubs any anti-Trump story as “fake news.” It’s also disheartening to date a guy who thinks women don’t deserve to have the rights to their own bodies? Just a thought.

We’re so here for girls who are vocal about their political views and not afraid of scaring off a dude by, you know, actually thinking women are people.

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Plus, it’s one thing to have voted for Trump, it’s another to continue to support the ridiculous BS he’s been pulling since his inauguration. Maybe we can start a girl gang of ladies who dumped their boyfriends for being Republican?

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