Tons Of Dudes Confirm Nobody Ever Asks Them To Smile

One time while ordering a sandwich at Subway, the dude making my sandwich requested that I smile. I am still unclear what me smiling had anything to do with me inhaling an egg white and spinach flatbread, but I also wasn’t surprised.

Chances are, if you’re a girl, you constantly get asked and/or told to smile. It happens while you walk down the street, it happens when you’re at the grocery store, and it definitely happens at bars, when you get approached by douchebags who somehow think it’s a great pick-up line.

But the funny thing is, guys never get asked to smile, like ever.

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In fact, when one Reddit user asked men if they ever got asked to smile, they seemed kind of confused.

“My mom says it occasionally,” said Reddit user Lithium. “Otherwise never, nobody walks around the production floor or the gym with a silly grin all day.”


And nobody walks around the office, or the subway, or the laundromat with a silly grin all day either. Capisce?

“Yeah, absolutely never,” said Reddit user raging_dope_fiend. “And I’m a pretty frowny dude too.”

Ah, to be frowny and not get pestered by guys who think the way to get in your pants is barking “smile” at your face!

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One user, Stevenson123, brought up a good point. That there is one time where it’s appropriate to be told to smile.

“It hasn’t happened since I was like 16 and only in the context of pictures being taken,” he said.

Another user seemed appalled at the idea, saying, “Never. Who the f*ck are they to decide how I present myself?”

I mean, he’s right though. Other users responded to his comment explaining that in fact, this happens to girls all the time. He suddenly did not seem concerned.

While a couple of guys on the thread said they did get told to smile because when they don’t they look like “psycho serial killers” (I mean, it’s Reddit), most only got told to smile in certain circumstances where it made sense. You know, like when having their photo taken, or when working with customers, or by their mother.

Ah, must be nice to be a dude! Maybe one day they’ll realize that just like them, girls don’t like being told to smile by randos.

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