Guppy Is Repping Harajuku Hard, Looks Hot Doing It


The latest edition of Maya Kibbel’s Tokyo babes photo series features Guppy, the manager of the famed Harajuku shop Bubbles. Aside from gawking at her sexy flicks, we took some time to check in with Guppy about her job, her hair plan, and most importantly, her favorite alcohol. 

Can you suggest any good Japanese music/mixtapes?

S.L.A.C.K.’s newest mixtape!

What color will you dye your hair next?

Next time I want to do it how I originally wanted it, which is white then ice blue, with a navy gradation.


What’s it like being the manager of one of the most famous Harajuku shops?

Harajuku is so exciting! I’m from Okinawa (which is on the countryside) so I gained a lot of confidence from working there! Working in Harajuku is so busy, and completely opposite to Okinawa. Everyday is different and more busy but it’s so fun!


What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Smirnoff Ice!


How did you get the name Guppy?

My full name is Gushi Asami, but “Guppy” became a nickname with my best friends in elementary school and by middle school I was super embarrassed by the name! But once I came to Harajuku and Coi (original owner of Bubbles) called me Guppy, I started to regain confidence and embrace the nickname!


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