Tokyo’s Hirari Ikeda // 池田ひらり Shows Us the Real Way to Do Fashion

Japanese it-girl and fashionista Hirari Ikeda shows us New Yorkers how style really should be done, check out her feature in the latest issue!



Photography by Maya Kibbel

Who’s your favorite porn star?
Brooke Candy. She’s so sexy.

If you were an animal which one would you be?
I would want to be a stoat (it’s a member of the weasel family).

What inspires your crazy, unique everyday outfits/hair?
Pictures I see on Tumblr and watching colorful birds, bugs and flowers.

What turns you on about a guy/girl?
The way he/she looks at me plus his/her voice.

What’s your favorite sex position?
Close contact sitting positions!


By appearance you seem like a wild girl, but in person you’re pretty reserved. How would you personally describe yourself?
Hirari: I can get very afraid but I hate being defeated.

Pro-bush or anti-bush?
Nothing down there! ^-^

Can you give the readers a shout out?
I had so much fun shooting with Maya! Sorry about wearing the school uniform… LOL. Thanks for looking at this. I hope you liked it!


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