To Spit Or Not To Spit: 4 Easy Tips For Making It Easier To Swallow

Semen is definitely not one of my vices, I much prefer the Barney’s Warehouse Sample Sale, bread from Balthazaar, and reading exes Facebook pages; however, after years of experience and partners, I feel that I can safely say that I know what guys like: getting their dicks sucked! Whether you like swallowing or not, I’m sure that either your boyfriend, f*** buddy, or next 3 am bar pickup wants you to, and if you think that you’re finally ready to take it to that level with your man, here are a few simple tips to help lighten the load (pun DEFINITELY intended):

4. Know what he’s been eating!

Obviously this is more difficult to know if you’re not hooking up on the regular, but if you’re in a position to manage his dietary intake pre-BJ, DO IT! Avoid smelly veggies like garlic and onion and substitute for fruits like pineapple and watermelon..basically, get him some Jamba Juice before YOU get his juice.


3. Swallow immediately, don’t let it linger.

Make sure he gives a clear signal that he’s about to climax and get ready, otherwise, you risk getting caught off-guard and you’re sitting there with that awkward “Where do I spit!?” look. NOT HOT!

2. Thrust it deeper!

This might seem slightly counter-productive, but trust me, it works! Once it gets past the gag threshold and into the throat, as long as you’re breathing through your nose, you won’t taste a thing!

1. Hold your nose!

When all else fails, just hold your nose! It’s the easiest way to ensure a positive experience for your taste buds (and you don’t have to smell his musty balls!).


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