TLZ L’FEMME counts Karrueche and Keke Palmer as fans

It’s 11:11 in LA when Tlazsa’s phone rings.

I’m calling, but she can’t hear the phone because the sewing machine is so loud. Shortly after, she calls me back. Tlazsa is gracious, calm, and very humble. I admit to her without an ounce of embarrassment that she has been one of my muses ever since my discovery of her on Tumblr.

She’s the designer behind some of Kylie Jenner’s hottest outfits, specifically Kylie’s snakeskin Coachella outfit. You’ve seen Karrueche, Sevyn Streeter, Keke Palmer, and Tokyo Stylez rocking her designs. She believes in fashion with a purpose – finding and representing the deity within us all.

Adorned in tattoos, the one many of us know her by is the line of script that starts at her collarbone and ends just at her waist. She got it in Romania with a friend. It reads: “For Death Notes Tend To Dominate.”

Everything about her has an element of style embedded in it. From her hair to her nails, accessories and outfits – she’s the poster child for Too Much Sauce.

Originally inspired by her older sister who recently passed away, Tlazsa keeps her sister’s memory alive within TLZ L’FEMME.

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What would you say your earliest experience with fashion is?

The one that keeps blinking in my mind is from when I was a little girl. My sister…brought the idea of designing to me when we were probably like, little girls. I think I was probably maybe six or seven and she said she wanted to do that. It always just stuck out to me and I thought it was really a beautiful thing. That’s pretty much I think where it started. We’ve always collaborated on what we wanted to do together. That’s where it started for me – with her.

What is your most memorable fashion experience?

When I put out my first piece and people really liked it. That was cool for me to see that people were interested in [my art].

When you talk about your sister being a muse of yours, do you think her style and her influence on you still lives on within your designs?

Yeah, absolutely! For sure. The embodiment that she had. That fly, confident, sexy, fun, carefree type of woman – smart, that whole energy, the whole flair – that’s what she was. That’s what I take from her and put into the brand for sure.

How are your designs inspired?

It could be anything that takes me to a certain type of place. Something that draws me in. It could be me chilling right now outside in the back yard talking to you, looking at the trees. I take that beauty and say it gives me a vibe. Or it’s a person. The way they’re sexy, the way that they’re a tomboy. Whatever it is, that’s going to give me that inspiration.

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When did you realize that the fashion world needed a TLZ L’FEMME?

I don’t know if I really ever had that moment. I do it not because I’m like, “People need it.” I do it because I want to and it’s fun for me. I love giving it, it’s all fun for me.

If it’s a day where you’re like, “I have to slay!” what do you put on? 

It’s probably going to be something like a slicked back look, maybe a poppin’ lip would be nice too. Clean, light, dewy makeup that’s me when I want to, you know — spruce it up [laughs]. I’m usually very chill, I do it. Get dressed up and say, “All right, I’m about to kill it.” I like to do that on the chill with a little bit of makeup, nothing too crazy.

Tell us one of your beauty secrets.

My favorite beauty secret is skincare. When you have good skin you don’t have to add a lot of different stuff to really bring out what’s there. You just enhance little things. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a full beat down – don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying for me that’s my favorite beauty tip.

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How did you come up with the name TLZ L’FEMME?

Well, my name is Tlazsa so it’s a play on that. And that’s where I put the acronym for truth, light, and zenity. I just kind of combined it all together. In the beginning, it was just for my name, and then I added more to the meaning for me as I grew as a person because the brand has really grown with me.

Truth, Light, and Zenity — why are those themes important to you?

I believe that that’s what life’s about and being connected with the universe and within and making change and influence in the world in a positive way. Those things are important and to me you have to live in that truth, have that light, and be at peace, which is zen… I want to spread that message so people know what it’s about and what it stands for besides, “Oh I look fly.” It’s, “I’m fly, but I’m here for a great purpose.” You know what I’m saying?

When people wear TLZ L’FEMME, how do you want them to feel?

I just want them to feel like themselves. I want them to feel good in what that is to themselves, and just feel sexy while doing it.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to join the fashion industry?

One of my favorite tips to give is be organized – I think that’s really important. For joining the fashion industry I think you should definitely work with what you have. Don’t let things stop you from doing what you need to do. Do what you can. You’re trying to build a brand, don’t wait for too many things because something’s always going to pop up. Just go with it, go with it because it’s going to work itself out as long as you’re doing the work and putting that energy into it, you’re going to start to have turn around in some type of way.

When Kylie Jenner wore the snakeskin swim set to Coachella, what was that like for you?

That was really cool, it was actually the second time she wore something so I was like, “Dang! She wore something again! Okay go girl. Thanks!” Just like I feel with anybody that shops with me – whether it’s their second time their third time – it makes me feel good. Especially when they come back. To see someone of her status be so comfortable and so powerful in wearing the outfits was really dope.

What can we expect from TLZ L’FEMME in the near future?

New stuff, new content, more branching off into different lanes doing different things – but still part of the brand. That’s the main thing that I’m focusing on right now besides continuing the clothing for women’s and menswear. Expanding that, but also branching off into different lanes.

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