TK Wonder Talks Going Au Naturale

We live in an age where, if we wished, we could be completely cut off from the Earth. Our lives take place online, we can eat processed and enriched foods and use skincare products that are wholly manufactured in labs. We know it’s not healthy, and many of us struggle to reconcile our man-made life online with the natural state. Musician TK Wonder embraces the natural in a down-to Earth (mind the pun) and simple way: she rejects the fake, chemical-filled foods, products, and practices we are so often subjected to without coming off like the stereotypical granola-crunching hippie. We got to hear the story of her journey to the healthy lifestyle and her Earth-friendly product recommendations. Read our interview, below!


Photographer: Diego Villarreal

What inspired you to go natural?

I’ve been natural for twelve years. When I was a teenager my hair was chemically treated in a salon and the appointments were quite costly. Since I’m an identical twin you can imagine how costly those salon appointments became! My father decided he would no longer pay for those salon visits, and I had to figure something else out. I waited till my natural hair grew to about four three inches, chopped off the processed ends and wore my hair in corn rolls for quite a while until it became longer.

Tips for going bare-faced?

Great eyebrows and a little concealer goes a long way. 😉

What’s your favorite red lipstick ever?

L’oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipcolor, Refined Ruby

What’s a recipe for a DIY beauty treatment that actually works?

A filter and a faucet. The biggest DIY beauty treatment is H20. I think some people forget how imperative water is to your daily regimen. I drink anywhere from 1 to 3 liters of water a day.

Easiest fix for a bad hair day?

A scarf.

Tell us about your cleansing routine?

I don’t use very many products for facial cleansing. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are amazing and I use it as a facial cleanser and body soap.

Number 1 beauty myth that you’d like to de-bunk?

Technically this isn’t a beauty myth de-bunk, however I used to think that toothpaste to eradicate pimples was a myth only to find it does really help.

Are you vegan? How did you decide to start eating better and cut the crap from your diet?

It is simply impossible for me to be a vegan since I consider myself a burger connoisseur. With that said I lead a very healthy lifestyle. We’ve all heard that old adage “you are what you eat.’ Well you truly are what you eat.  It’s amazing how the body responds to what you put into it. If you incessantly eat crap you feel like crap. If you eat healthy you feel healthy. I remember there was a year I gained quite a bit of weight by choosing unhealthy choices, eating shortly before bedtime and not exercising. I was lethargic and not happy with how I felt. I decided I no longer wished to feel that way. I’ve always been an active person so I incorporated work outs back into my daily regimen and drastically altered my eating regimen. I think it’s imperative for people to realize that exercising is not only for the body, but for the mind, and for those who have busy schedules start by finding a way to incorporate 20 to 30 minute work out routines at least 3 to four times a week. You don’t have to work out for an hour everyday to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating right and doing a vigorous 20 to 30 minute workout will do wonders.

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