Tiny Empire’s 7 Ways To Juice The Healthy, Proper Way

Founder Anthony Spadaro first created Tiny Empire with the commitment to use exclusively organic produce. Fruits and vegetables are not treated with heat, pressure, or preservatives—processes often used to lengthen shelf life. Executive chef, Melissa Love, is a former fashion stylist turned raw food chef and was formerly head of production and product development for Liquiteria Cold Press Juice, so we just had to ask her all about the proper, healthy way to juice cleanse. 

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1. Whenever I do a cleanse, I give myself a few days to prepare. The last thing you want to do is stress out your body while you attempting to eliminate toxins. Better to ease into the process.

2. Swap out the coffee and cocktails for green tea and kombucha for a few days  in preparation of eliminating caffeine and alcohol completely during your cleanse .

3. Faze out all processed food and focus on clean eating. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies and raw foods for a few days before you begin juicing.

4. Start out every morning with 32 oz of room temp water with lemon and ginger. Good practice to get into always, but especially for the few days before and during your cleanse. And continue to drink lots of water throughout the day.

5. Herbal teas are your best friend when doing a cleanse. Kava for relaxation is my favorite. Provides another  way to hydrate and is a nice break during the more challenging moments of a cleanse.

6. Give yourself a break from stress and let your body have the time to do the work to detox.  Don’t attempt to cleanse during a big work project or social obligations.

7. Yoga and meditation, a really good book and lots of sleep. 

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