Ask Tinderella: Am I A Catfish?

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Dear Tinderella,
I am writing to you because I find myself in a difficult situation. I have been using Tinder for a while, and I have not been courageous enough to meet up with any of my matches.
The reason being is that I feel like I look better on my pictures than in real life. I am afraid that the guys I meet up with will be turned off because my pictures can be misleading.
I am in no way a catfish, but everyone tells me all the time that I am photogenic and I look thinner in pictures than in real life. I know that it is a not nice to think like that about myself, but let’s be real here.
Physical appearance is everything when it comes to meeting someone on Tinder, since that’s all we get with the app until we meet them. I must also mention that the men I usually match with are around my age range (20-24), so their maturity level when it comes to handling things like this might be a little low.
Please let me know what you think of this! I would appreciate it greatly.
Love always,
Self-conscious but Photogenic Tinderella
NONE OF THAT PLEASE, Miss Self-Conscious but Photogenic Tinderella!
Yes, Tinder is a superficial game BUT, provided that you are not being deliberately misleading (i.e. posting photos from 50 lbs ago or when you had drastically different hair etc) then a guy is matching with you because he likes what he sees.
He really isn’t going to be overly critical about teeny differences between photos/reality that I’m sure exist mainly in your mind. I think that the main issue here is that you have people in your life telling you that you look thinner in photos.
WTF? Ditch those people. #Rude It sounds like you’ve let these ‘photogenic’ comments mess with your head and your self-image which is ultimately messing with your Tinder game… we need to turn this around asap! In my opinion, thefirst and only ‘Tinder hurdle’ is getting the match.
Once that part is out of the way, you can assume that he thinks you are super hot. At this point you arrive to the date equipped with your witty anecdotes, your dazzling and intelligent conversation and your mace so he knows not to try shit (LOL). Then you just cross your fingers that he is good enough for you.
Don’t worry about HIS potential disappointment – this is THE WORST way to enter a date. I understand that you can’t just magic ‘confidence’ but I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking. Don’t let those negative thoughts about your appearance come to the surface… just trust that any match on Tinder thinks you are totally gorgeous and that he’s excited to get to know your personality on a date.
Happy Tindering pretty lady!
Tinderella xx
Dating questions for Tinderella? Email your questions to with the subject “dating advice”.

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