Tinder Wants To Change Its Rep as a Hook Up App

When a notorious player decides to change his ways, it can be a tough process. First, he has to prove to everyone that he’s not an asshole anymore. Then, he has to actually find someone to attempt to nurture a serious relationship with.

This is kind of how we view Tinder’s new attempt at a transformation. The team behind Tinder wants to change it from being the “hook up app” into something more serious. While Tinder has added some new features over the past couple of years, all they seemed to do was further foster the “hit it and quit it” mentality of the swiping app. First, they added “moments,” which was basically Snapchat within the Tinder app. While this was a smart move considering so many fuck boys on Tinder ask for chick’s snapchats, it also meant that you never knew when you were going to find a surprise dick pic within your matches moments.

Then, Tinder added a feature that allowed you to connect your Instagram to your profile. While this meant that you could potentially see a little bit more into your potential matches’ hobbies and likes/dislikes, it really just meant that you could stalk them more in depth before deciding if they were hot enough to warrant your right swipe. Lastly, Tinder added an “international” feature. Code for: “I’m taking a Euro Trip and want to see how many different countries I can get laid in.”

But, Tinder has had its fair share of one night stands, and now they’re making some changes.

The first addition is that now Tinder has a separate area for you to display your career (neighborhood weed dealer?) and your education (high school dropout?). These new features play into the app’s new “Smart Profiles.” Basically, you’ll generally only see someone’s good old fashioned profile pic of them holding a craft beer, unless you both have something in common within your profiles. If so, the Smart Profile will display this information so that you see that you both went to Penn State, and you can chat about that before he asks for titty pics.

This smart profile is apparently not the only improvement on the previous algorithm that Tinder was using, but CEO Sean Rad is keeping that part a secret. Honestly, we weren’t aware that Tinder had an algorithm in the first place…we just thought they showed us random dudes until we found one that we liked.

Another feature that’s been taken away from Tinder is the beloved “moments.” Because as much as you probably enjoyed laughing at fuck boys who would post selfies saying “who’s up?” it was clearly time for a change.

Lastly, instead of having to scroll through your long list of matches (possibly in the thousands, if you’ve been swiping since Tinder’s creation), you now will have a separate list of matches in the side bar whom you haven’t messaged yet. This way, they won’t be lost within the endless black hole of your 50 matches named “Matt.” To be honest, we were hoping they’d add a search filter, but no luck.

While we admire Tinder’s efforts to try to break the barriers of being a more “serious” dating app, old habits die hard. If we’re searching for a real man, we’ll probably head to J-Date.

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