Is Tinder Plus The Solution To Your Dating Woes?

Ah, Tinder. Most of us seem to have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with the dating app that was launched in 2012. For those that lean towards the “hate” side of the spectrum, or those that want more out of the “at your fingertips” dating app,  Tinder has created the new Tinder Plus. One of it’s most prominent features is that it lets you go back if you “accidentally” swiped left when you meant to swipe right (this can happen a lot if you’re on a left-swiping spree and suddenly run into a James Dean look-a-like). The app also lets you explore dating options in other countries with their “passport” feature (perfect for securing a boy-toy for your upcoming business trip). Although this premium tinder comes at a premium price (9.99/month if you’re 18-29 and 19.99/month if you’re 30 and up), this app could be your ticket to a romance filled Euro-trip apparently, as this promising ad depicts:

Although I can see the merits of the new and improved Tinder, something tells me that paying 9.99/month isn’t suddenly going to transform my Tinder experience from creepy dudes trying to invite me over to their parents’  house into hot guys following me to another country to bring me flowers..

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Rumors have flown about other “premium” type dating apps, such as The League (which has yet to be live, although I’m obviously signed up for when it does launch). Do you think Tinder Plus is the key to the fairy-tale ending we’ve all been waiting for? I think I’m going to have to try it and find out for myself, stay tuned!

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