Hate To Burst 2015’s Bubble, But Tinder Is Weird

When I first came to Los Angeles, I hopped on Tinder and met plenty of people. I met some girls who became friends and I met some guys that became boo’s. The social app definitely has it’s perks but it can get pretty annoying. Here are some things that irk me about Tinder…


Which One Are You?

Why do all of your profile pics have more than one person? Like which one are you! I don’t know if you’re the hot one or the not so good looking one. Kinda shallow but oh well. Swipe left.

Having The Same Convo Over & Over

I understand that there are just some questions everyone asks to touch bases. But damn having to recite everything that I already put in my bio to 200 different people can get annoying as hell. Where are you from? How do you like LA? Wyd? Ugh…

Fuck, He Was Actually Cute

Sometimes you get in the habit of swiping left and accidentally swipe left on a really cute guy. It really sucks but if he liked you, he may pop up again.

Booty Calls

I understand that a lot of guys on tinder just want to hook up. But damn. The guys who instantly message, “Wanna fuck?” or “Come through tonight!” are annoying as hell.

Fake Profiles

There are some fake profiles believe it or not that are created by experimental groups. They collect data on dating sites. How annoying is that? You think you’re talking to a cool attractive guy and he turns out to be a fake. Ugh!

Tinder can be annoying as hell and I’ve probably deleted and downloaded one million times over. But it can be lots of fun and you can meet some awesome people.

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