Tinashe Talks Album Debut & A Never Before Heard Secret

At the young age of 21, Tinashe already has quite the resume. She’s been on “Two and a Half Men,” danced for Justin Bieber, but has recently chosen to focus on music. Well, guess what? We don’t blame her! Last year, Aquarius, her debut album, hit Top 20 on Billboard 200. Considering this is her first time around, we are quite impressed. We had the chance to talk to Tinashe about her first ever album experience, so see what she said below!





How would you describe the sound of your album Aquarius?

The feeling you get when you get off of an airplane. It’s like stepping foot in the foreign country of your dreams for the first time. That’s what Aquarius sounds like to me. 

What music growing up inspired you to get into the industry yourself?

My parents always played music in the house when I was growing up. Sade, Michael and Janet Jackson were mainstays. I think being introduced to that style of music at such an early age definitely inspired me to get into music myself.

Top 5 R&B records of all time? 

Velvet Rope – Janet Jackson

The Best of Sade – Sade

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Off The Wall – Michael Jackson (I can’t pick just one Michael album)

Butterfly – Mariah Carey

People have compared you to the late and great Aaliyah. What are your thoughts on that?

Its beyond humbling to be compared to such a talent that was taken too soon. That said, comparisons in general make me nervous. By comparing, you knowingly or unknowingly set up creative boundaries and I don’t want to disappoint people or pigeon-hole myself as an artist.    

“2 ON” was a big radio and club hit. How did that song come about and how did you know that it was the one? 

The song came about in a really natural way. I was in the studio with a few of my friends, we made the beat, we wrote to it, and cranked it out in one session. It took about 8 months from the time I cut it for someone at RCA to identify it as a possible single.

You collaborated on a Jonas Brother song for Nick Jonas’ new record! Were you a fan of the Jo Bros growing up?

I can’t say I am too familiar with their music to be honest. What I can say is that I am a huge fan of how they were able to differentiate themselves from the rest of the ‘boy bands’  and prove themselves as musicians.  

Is it true you made over 200 songs making this album? Will any of those ever be heard or were they just not what you wanted the world to hear?

Who knows? I hope they will be heard. I personally feel like some of the best records were left off Aquarius.

What song on your album is the closest to your heart?

“Cold Sweat”

How would you describe your personal style? 


Tell us something that you’ve never told anyone else about you?

I only like cheese and nothing else on my cheeseburgers. Only the bun, the patty and cheese, just a plain burger, that’s how I like them.

What can we expect from you this 2015?

Lots and lots of touring! I’m going to be on the road for the majority of 2015.


Photography: Jacob Dekat
Creative Direction: Prince Chenoa
Makeup: Bobby Eliot
Hair: Andre Sarmiento

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