Tina Fey Calls Out Male Colleague For Calling Her The “C-Word”

If Tina Fey didn’t already make you want to adopt her as your best friend and/or sister, just wait until you hear about her most recent stunt. She formally called out her male colleague from SNL, Colin Quinn for calling her the C-word. This just leads to so many questions. 1. Can I get a high five Tina? 2. What could possibly have made someone call Tina Fey the C-word; she’s perfect. And 3. Can we just fire him now?

According to Decider, Tina revealed this information when she was on Howard Stern’s show this past Monday. Apparently one of the episodes of her her hit show, 30 Rock, is based off of this real-life altercation. Fans of the show may remember the episode entitled “The C-Word” where her character, Liz Lemon, catches her friend and co-worker calling her the c-word. As for the real life version, Tina says, “I was trying to help him with a show he was working on [and] I think his anxiety about the writing of the show spilled over.” They have since made up and Quinn tweeted in response to this revelation, “It’s all true. I have used profanity when I’ve been angry at people. When I was wrong ( as with Tina) I’ve said sorry to them.”

Yeah, that’s all well and good that he’s apologizing, but it should never have happened in the first place, and Tina was well within her rights to call him out on public television. People like to defend their profanity and slang by saying ‘it’s just a word,’ but disrespectful and insulting words such as these have never been just words. Words like the c-word and the b-word convey the message that women are lesser, that they do not deserve to be treated as equally. This concept is portrayed perfectly by a short video that was recently released by CARE, a Norwegian charity that campaigns for women’s rights.


So take a page out of Tina’s book and don’t let any man or any person disrespect you with their words. Call them on their shit, and maybe next time they’ll think twice.

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