13 Times You Want To Sing ‘What Do You Mean?’ In Your Relationship

Think of the hardest exam you’ve ever taken in school, the toughest athletic activity you’ve ever had to complete, and the most complicated task you’ve ever had to finish…Chances are, all three of those mixed together are still less complex than your current relationship status, especially if you’re a single girl in your 20’s.

What is it about Justin Bieber’s new track that makes every single one of us get up and dance (no matter how many blisters our new wedges are giving us)? It could be the upbeat tempo or the crooning Biebs himself, but I think the real reason we love this song so much is because we legitimately want to shout ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN?’ at the men we are involved with constantly.

1. When he says “I want to see you tonight,” but never calls.

2. When he says “you’re the only girl I’m talking to,” but he booty-called your roommate last week.

3. When he actually accepts your offer to split the bill.

4. When he explains that he likes you so much, but he just can’t date you right now.

5. When he texts you first, and contributes nothing whatsoever to the conversation.

6. When he tells his friends you “want the D” after you talked to him once for free beer.

7. When a fuck-boy says “you never talk to me” and expects you to apologize.

8. When he asks if you came after you sucked his dick.

9. When he calls you a slut after you refused to hook-up with him.

10. When he says he’s “complicated.”

11. When he says he needs you to send a pic so that he can save it as your contact photo on his phone.

12. When he expects you to sleep with him after he bought you a drink on dollar-beer night.

13. When he tells you he can’t put on Justin Bieber at his party because it’s “too girly.”

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