Tiffany Luu’s 6 Tips On Bringing Home the Perfect Boy this Holiday

We all want to impress our families with the perfect loverrrrr, so here’s the beautiful Tiffany Luu‘s tips on how to get that holiday hunk (for lack of a better term). Original photographs by Vongsawat, check it out below!


1. Timing is everything, make sure your date is well prepped to bring home to your parents over the holidays. You don’t want him ruining the occasion, leave him at home if he isn’t ready!


2. Make sure you brief your parents and your date about each other to avoid any awkward conversations. Stray away from topics like politics and religion.


3. Dress appropriately, t-shirt and jeans will come off slightly inappropriate. If your date is a Russell Brand transform him into a George Clooney as quick as possible, show out and put your best foot forward.


4. Make sure your date has prepared a bio on himself, keep it short and sweet. Your parents don’t need to hear his E! True Hollywood story, there will be plenty more encounters for you parents to get to know you better.


5. Make sure he gets your story straight on how you both met, whether you met on tinder, OK Cupid, or a sleazy night club make sure you embellish your stories. It’s OK to tell a white lie on occasions.


6. Give him a drink limit, you don’t want your date to getting hammered. Not everyone’s parents grew up in a sorority or fraternity and is used to this kind of behavior, Pinkys up.


Follow these steps and you’ll have the perfect boy to impress the folks.

Photography: VONGSAWAT
Model: Tiffany Luu
Wardrobe Stylist: Kyle Luu
Hair: Andrita Renee
Makeup: Natalie Cora

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