Kitten Tierra Lee Gives Tips For Embracing Positive Energy And Looking Your Best

Our Kitten Tierra Lee knows beauty and isn’t afraid to share her knowledge. The tool she cites as the most essential for her unfailing good looks? Body confidence and self love every day! She let us in on some self-love secrets and products for looking your best at every waking second. Check it out.


What are your tips for loving your bod at any stage?

Focusing on your daily improvements and not comparing yourself to another human. We are all unique and we can all make our own definition of perfection within ourselves .

Which products are your go-to’s for hair magic?

I use Pravana’s natural hair care line a lot and love their products!

Tips for chicas who want to lighten their hair for Spring?

Be in the sun and spray lemon juice in your hair!

What’s your personal motto/ mantra?

Give self LOVE everyday !

Quick fix for a bad hair day?

Damp it then braid it for a bit and take it out! Instant beachy wave hair! Usually can’t go wrong with that look!

Quick fix for a low-confidence mood?

Go enjoy the outdoors and free your mind and think of a daily positive word/mantra such as “love” that will uplift you! No negative thoughts!!

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