Tick Tock: This Is The Best Time To Have Sex According To An Expert

Maybe you’re a sex freak in the morning, but a lazy sloth in the evening. Or maybe you prefer to wind down your evening with a glass of wine and 69, but reserve the mornings for cereal and celibacy. While everyone has a preference as to when they like getting it on, I think we can all agree that when the moment strikes, the moment strikes.

While previous research has claimed that men prefer morning sex whereas women prefer evening nookie, new research done by Alisa Vitti, hormone expert and author of WomanCode has defined the “best” time to have sex for both genders.

Vitti claims that the hormonal equilibrium for the best sex strikes at 3 pm. She attributes this to male levels of testosterone and oestrogen. While male testosterone is at its peak in the mornings, Vitti explained to The Daily Mail that the combination of testosterone and proestrogen in the late afternoon “makes men more emotionally present during sex and better able to focus on (a woman’s) needs and satisfaction.”

In women, Vitti says that their prime sexual time is anytime from late afternoon to evenings, and therefore the best time to meet men in the middle is at 3 pm. Vitti goes on to conclude that the best time for a woman to have sex is 10 days after ovulation. She says that at this point in the cycle, a woman’s testosterone and proestogen levels are at their peak, which make her more appreciative of receiving pleasure.

While we can’t all have a mind-blowing orgasm at 3pm (unfortunately, some of us have work), we can surely see where Vitti has accumulated her hypothesis. After all, while morning sex can be great, you’ve probably realized that your man seems to last longer in the evenings. Not to mention that morning sex tends to be a quickie, and sometimes it ends up that your man legit sticks it in from behind when you’re still half asleep.

Contrastingly, sex late in the evening can be a battle between sleep and sex. After a long day of work, it can be exhausting to hop on top and ride it like a cowgirl.

Maybe you and your man should play hookie tomorrow and set your alarms for 3 pm? Perhaps you can work some magic…or at least sing-along to ‘Afternoon Delight.’

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