Throwback Thursday: En Vogue’s “Whatever” Music Video




En Vogue’s “Whatever,” released in 1997, was their first video without front-woman Dawn Richardson, who pulled a Ginger Spice on her girls. So, maybe that’s why it’s overlooked in their classic catalogue. But it totally shouldn’t be. In the clip, the trio seem to have been watching one too many Marilyn Manson videos. It’s also a possibility that they hired the makeup artist from ‘Beetlejuice’ for this creepy video. But we are not complaining! The setting is their take on a demented, futuristic beauty salon featuring face lifts, breast augmentation, and even skin whitening. We are obsessed with the amazing hair and those chic head-braces. LOLz. This controversial video came years before TLC’s sugary sweet “Unpretty,” by the way. Also, this Babyface-produced song is the JAM! EN-joy! x

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