29 Thoughts You Have When You’re Having an “Ugly Week”

We all have them and there’s really no explanation or pattern in their occurrence, but every so often you get hit with that “ugly week.” When nothing seems to work; you hair just won’t cooperate, you get that big, noticeable pimple right in the middle of your face and you have a closet bursting with clothes yet “nothing good to wear.” An ugly week is like a sore throat. Unfortunately you can’t kick it, all you can do is wait it out and eventually you’ll be back to your confident self again, it’s just not going to happen this week. In the meantime, here’s the thoughts I have, and I’m sure you do to, when you’re in the midst of an ugly week:

Oh my god, have I always looked like this?!

Why does my skin suck?

Oh great, just what I needed, this volcano coming in right above my lip.

Well at least I won’t be kissing anyone this week because, oh yeah, I’m ugly.

I’m just not going to wear make-up this week. There’s no point.

Aaaaannnd I’m out of face powder so I guess that decision has been made for me.

It probably would help though…

What happened to me, I mean, I know I’m hot.

I just got my nails done I should not be feeling like this.

It’s okay, no one even has to know, just no selfies this week.

At least nothing with face in it. Yeah, no face pictures, perfect.

What’s a few followers anyways?

Maybe just those seductive lip pictures with just lip and chin.

Oh wait, not with that billboard above my lip that says “Hey I’m a pimple, let’s be friends!”

Seriously though do other people see me?

Like they have to be thinking I look rough. So I at least know I’m not crazy.

Why is this guy texting me, doesn’t he know I’m ugly?

I’d rather someone just tell me. You don’t have to disagree, just say it. It’s an ugly week.

What can I do to, like, stop it? Shower?

I tried that. Didn’t work.

Ugh, I’m getting my hair done tomorrow. That’s probably it. It’ll be fine.

I wish I could get my face done.

You know what, looks are shallow anyways, at least I have a…good…personality?

Yeah, that’s what matters. And I’m funny.

Yeah, okay, “funny” won’t get me free drinks tonight though.

“Funny” scares men away and you know that!

Hell, I can’t get a text back anyways, screw men, I’ll just be a lesbian.

Lesbians know ugly too, and they won’t be trying to get at this either.

Ugh, I just need to get laid…


Illustration by Rose Gerin.

If you want to see more quirky illustrations and babely modeling pics from Rose, follow her on Instagram

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