50 Thoughts Every Girl Has Before Sleeping With a Guy For The First Time


  1. Do I even want to sleep with him?
  2. Or am I just horny?
  3. Or drunk…?
  4. No, no, this guy is actually really sexy! Way sexier than the last guy I banged…
  5. That was a mistake
  6. What if this time is a mistake too?
  7. No, no, it won’t be, this guy definitely knows what he’s doing, did you see his ex? She was practically a model.
  8. Wait… what if I’m not as hot as his ex… will I still be as good in bed?
  9. F*ck a model anyways, I’ve got way bigger tits.
  10. But does he deserve it?
  11. I mean, he did buy me a pitcher of Sangria that one time…
  12. But maybe he was just doing that so I would get drunk and f*ck him…
  13. Wait who am I kidding, I wanted to get drunk so I could have an excuse for f*cking him
  14. Good thing I’m drunk again now!
  15. I wonder if he has a big dick
  16. I did casually notice that he wears size 13 sneakers, that’s definitely a good sign
  17. What if he thinks I’m a slut and never talks to me again?
  18. I’ll just make sure the sex is so good he’ll have to come back for me
  19. I mean… why wouldn’t he come back for more.. right?
  20. But what if it’s bad and I don’t want to have sex anymore… but he still wants to?
  21. Will I have to avoid him for the rest of my life?
  22. What if his dick isn’t actually big after all?
  23. If I don’t orgasm, should I just fake it? Or will I be setting myself up for no orgasm for the rest of my life?
  24. I’ll just make sure he eats me out first, or I’m definitely not going to f*** him.
  25. He’ll know to do that, right?
  26. What if he doesn’t… should I just pull a dude move and push his head down there?
  27. LOL no I’m not that weird…
  28. Or am I?
  29. Nah, I won’t let out the freaky side on our first time together…
  30. Or I’ll try not to
  31. Do you think he’ll think I’m easy if I have sex with him already?
  32. I mean, we’ve kind of been on two dates?
  33. Chipotle counts right?
  34. I think he’s Mexican, so Chipotle definitely counts as a date for him
  35. F*ck it, why should I care if he thinks I’m a slut, he should be happy he’s getting a piece of this!
  36. And I’m drunk… so I can just blame it on that
  37. Should I stay over after?
  38. Or should I just act really casual and leave right after?
  39. Do you think he’ll want to cuddle?
  40. OR maybe I could sleep over and then leave before he wakes up?
  41. Why can’t boys just tell us wtf they want from us?
  42. Oh wait, they want sex, right.
  43. I feel like I should just do it, it’s been way too long for me…
  44. What if I don’t remember how to?
  45. What if he doesn’t have a condom?
  46. What if I get Chlamydia and die?
  47. Are we really supposed to ask dudes if they have STDs before we sleep with them?
  48. That is the most awkward thing I could imagine in my life…
  49. F*ck he’s totally taking his pants off right now
  50. I think I’ll just give him head

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