Thought Your Hormones Were Done Being Crazy After Puberty? Guess Again

Did everyone have to watch that video in elementary school about what puberty was going to be like and what was going to happen with our ‘changing bodies’? Because I sure did and I’m not sure what was worse; my actual changing body or the video about my changing body. I mean looking back I guess I appreciate that they were trying to prepare us for what was going to happen once we turned into little destructive balls of hormones, but couldn’t they have made that shit a little less awkward? It was already painful enough.

But honestly, the idea of the video itself isn’t bad. I’m sure there are plenty of kids out there who don’t have parents or older siblings that explain to them what’s going to happen. Like in the horror movie Carrie, while she’s showering in her high school’s locker room a bunch of blood starts streaming down her legs and she freaks out and thinks she’s dying, because her psycho religious mom never told her about her period. They should have videos (better made ones) like that throughout our lives that we have to attend just to make sure everyone’s prepared for what fun hurdle our body is about to go over next. It could actually save lives.

For example, many women generally know what to expect from their bodies when they’re pregnant, but what about after? According to People, Hayden Panettiere just checked herself into a facility for postpartum depression, a condition that causes severe depression, mood swings and even suicidal thoughts in women after they give birth due to intense hormone fluctuations. Imagine if she didn’t know that that condition was a possibility after having birth. She might not have attributed her symptoms to the condition and could have put herself or her baby in harm. Postpartum depression affects more than 3 million women per year, yet it is hardly discussed or even known about. By sacrificing her privacy and sharing her experience with the world, Hayden may be saving countless women. As the article in Forbes says, she is a real-life hero.


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