The Ratchet Commandments According To Tink

If you haven’t heard about Timbaland’s latest prodigy, Tink, let us write y’all a manual. Hailing from Chi-town, Tink may be twenty, but with five self-released mixtapes under her belt and a slew of collaborations already under her belt, this babe means business. She’s political, she’s personal, she spits, she flows, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and she’s all about gender equality. Somebody needs to tell Nicki Minaj to watch out, because Tink is coming after that crown.

In her music video for “Ratchet Commandments,” Tink lays down truth bombs about the value of ratchet behavior. Taking the church to the street without getting too righteous about it, Tink and her array of back-up dancers and mime-faced choir, lay out the “thou shalt nots,” imploring a generation of women, and men to try harder when it comes to living their lives. Much like Beyonce’s “***Flawless,” the song’s drawn criticism for simultaneously taking down females while imploring them to be better, but haters are always gonna hate, and feminists are always gonna be fighting about how best to empower generations. Think what you want, just don’t think so much that you forget to have fun with it. It’s a track you can dance to for a reason.

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