This Young Soldier Will Receive America’s First Penis Transplant

Following last year’s first successful penis transplant in South Africa, the United States have decided to venture into the country’s first penis transplant. The operation will be performed at Johns Hopkins University on a young soldier who had his genitals damaged in a bomb blast while serving in Afghanistan.

Among battle wounds, dealing with deaths of friends, and PTSD, I think we can all agree that soldiers should at least be able to return to a normal sex life upon their return to the states. Dr W.P. Andrew Lee, the chairman of plastic surgery at Johns Hopkins, explains that “I think one would agree it is as devastating as anything that our wounded warriors suffer, for a young man to come home in his early 20s with the pelvic area completely destroyed.”

We couldn’t agree more. Not only do men seem to hold a certain sense of pride in their penis, but imagine not being able to have sex? If the penis transplant is successful, Dr. Lee claims that the soldier will be able to resume all normal sexual (and urinal) activity. Because the “replacement penis” will be from a deceased donor, the soldier would even be able to have his own biological children.

Unfortunately, it’s not certain that the transplant will be a success. Risks include infection and rejection of the implant. However, even if the transplant fails, it can easily be removed. We figure there’s no harm in trying, right?

Photo via Imgur


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