This Woman Is Being Sent To Prison For Being Too Loud During Sex

Until you go to Prison.

Until you go to Prison.

We thought this Brooklyn couple was having loud sex after six noise complaint calls were made on them in one day, but according to The Guardian  Gemma Wale from the United Kingdom just might be having the loudest sex ever.

So loud that she is being sent to prison to serve a sentence of two weeks. We’re not sure why or how anyone can get sent to prison for being loud during sex but apparently, across the pond it’s possible.

This isn’t the first time Wale has been loud. Reportedly, she had previously received an “anti social” court order barring her from being extremely loud or a nuisance. When the order was breached and Wale continued being loud during sex, a pissed off neighbor decided to call the police on her.

Now Wale will serve her two week sentence for among having loud sex, screaming and shouting, “banging around,” and shouting curse words at her neighbor.

Seems a little much for someone who was just enjoying herself in bed…

We bet that Brooklyn couple is glad they don’t live in the United Kingdom. Otherwise, who knows, maybe they’d be in prison by now too.

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