This Video Perfectly Captures How Boys Are Actually The Crazy Ones

If a guy tells you that his ex-girlfriend was crazy, keep in mind that he’s probably the crazy one. If you’re going around talking shit about your ex-boyfriend, it says a lot more about you than it does about him. While girls seem to get the rep of being the crazy ones in a relationship, it seems that relationships can make everybody a little crazy, boys and girls alike.

However, boys have gotten so programmed into the idea of girls being crazy, that they pin a girl as “crazy” before she actually does anything to earn the title. You can give one cordial gesture (such as pouring him an extra cup of coffee while making your own), and he automatically assumes you’re in love with him. Before you can even think of asking him “what are we,” he’s already preparing a speech about how he’s “not looking for anything serious right now” and he hopes you understand.

Maybe once upon a time this would have been nice, but guys should realize that sometimes we’re letting them come home with us because we want some sex, not a husband. As adorable as it is that some guys think they’re so amazing that we’re looking to wife them up immediately, some of them aren’t good for much more than their pussy-licking skills.

I don’t think anything could have captured this phenomenon better than the Buzzfeed video below. I mean, it may be true that girls are more keen on finding a significant other than dudes are, but that doesn’t mean that every guy we go out with passes our standards for “boyfriend material.” Sometimes, he’s just Mr. Right Now while we wait for Mr. Right (not that we’re really waiting around regardless). Sometimes, we leave our earrings in his sink because we are a blacked out mess and too busy escaping his place the next morning to remember to grab it, not because we’re trying to leave hints. Regardless of if this has happened to you or someone you know, you’re going to find it equally hilarious (not to mention that the dude is pretty damn cute).

Has this happened to you? Leave your story in the comments below!

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