This Position Is The Most Dangerous For Men, But We Don’t Care

While I believe that all positions can be amazing at the right time and place, I gotta say that I’ll always have an affinity for being on top. Why? If it’s not your favorite position, read this now. However, a recent study published by Advances In Urology has sad news for boys who also love when their girl is on top (and believe me, guys do love it).

While penile fractures may not be common, they are most likely to occur while a girl is on top. Why? Well, it is pretty obvious. A chick is putting all her weight on a guy, and also in control of everything (including her own O, which is the best part of course). 

Worried you’re going to send your new friends with benefits to the ER? Don’t be! Penile fractures are extremely uncommon, and although they may be traumatizing at the time, there is likely to be no long term effects once the fracture is healed. Besides, think of all the other injuries that could occur during a bang session. Speaking from experience; I’ve bruised my head hitting the roof of a car, broken a bed, and even pulled a muscle in my once… (not to mention the countless bruises and soreness if you like it rough). Let’s not allow guys get all the sympathy here!

Besides… if your next boning session ended up with your man in the hospital, don’t you think he’d say it was worth it?

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