Checkout The Kitten Petting Zoo That’s Saving Lives


Right now in Florida, there’s a petting zoo for shelter cats just waiting for you to stop by. And if the thought of petting fuzzy kitties isn’t magical enough for you, prepare to be amazed because you can get your cute fix of the day FOR FREE. And while a $0 day of fun seems like the best part, you can’t put a dollar amount on the priceless bond between human and feline. “Cats have long been known to reduce stress and anxiety in humans,” Mary Alexander tells Huffington Post, whose shelter, Pet Pal, supplies the furballs. “For people that aren’t able to have cats in their home, this is a great place for them to come and spend time with the animals without restrictions.”


Without restrictions? Pretty much!

The kitties get to wander around cage free and receive real affection from real people in a very large enclosed area (with some outdoor time permitted) – there’s big windows, cat towers, and an array of toys. It’s a safe haven for Pet Pal’s animals who are at risk of being sent to shelters that euthanize. The cats live off of donated food, litter and love!

Seems like a win win for both kitties and kitty lovers. Cats not only get to socialize with one another, but they have the chance to fully win a future adopter’s heart. The petting zoo attendees seem to be happy, the cats are definitely happy, and it looks like Pet Pal is saving one furry life at a time.





The petting zoo is located inside an independent pet supply store, Pet Food Warehouse, which is tucked away in a St. Petersburg strip mall, about 20 minutes outside of Tampa.

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