This New Version of Santa Will Make You Wanna Be A Little Naughty

Fashion Santa, disregard my previous letter, can you just be my present instead? Though if that were the case he would probably be wrapped in Prada wrapping paper. It seems like your phone isn’t the only thing to upgrade this year, Santa just got a makeover and he’s a regulation hottie. Found at the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, Canada, model Paul Mason is stepping up Santa’s game with sleek snowy hair, a beard so perfect it will bring a tear to a hipster’s eye, and designer clothing that makes me want to clean my chimney so he won’t get his John Varvatos coat dirty.



But this Kris Kringle cutie isn’t just soft on the eyes, but soft on the heart as well. The mall he is working at has promised to donate $1 to the Sick Kids Foundation for every photo of him that is shared with the hastag #YorkdaleFashionSanta. I would imagine the donations are getting pretty high as it’s not just kids that want to take a picture with Santa, but teenagers and adults too. Mason tells the Toronto Star“I’m bringing people some holiday joy and helping raise money for charity. What’s not to love?” Nothing, there’s nothing not to love about you Fashion Santa.

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