This Is Why You Don’t Get Ass Injections

We all want a booty… why do you think I spend my mornings doing squats in the gym while listening to the Ying Yang Twins?

However, sometimes we go a little too far in the quest for a perfect body

Andressa Urach, runner-up in the Brazilian Miss Bum Bum contest, needed a little help in the booty department to claim the title she wanted. Unfortunately for her, the implants she got in her derriere backlashed and infected her leg muscles, forcing her to be rushed to the hospital.

Urach has released photos of her pain to encourage other women that having the “perfect body” is not something to risk your life over. She now says that she’d choose life over a curvaceous bottom. While you may never be competing for the best ass in a beauty pageant style tournament, you can get a better ass and body in general by hitting the gym instead!

Andressa_Urach01 Andressa_Urach02 Andressa_Urach03

Andressa in 2012 with her prize-winning bum.


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