This Is Why Girls Love When Boys Drunk Call Us

If my ex-boyfriend was not a 21-year old frat guy, he would’ve been considered a raging alcoholic.

Whatever the question was, the answer was alcohol. Specifically, a handle of vodka, a case of Natty, and some 4 Loko to chase the vodka with.

Because I was his naive little freshman girlfriend, I naturally followed suite. If I wasn’t blacked out, I wasn’t drunk enough. If he ordered six shots at the bar, I knew it meant three for each of us. Blood on the sheets in the morning? No biggie, one of us probably fell last night and don’t remember it.

If I wasn’t out with him for the night, I knew I could count on hearing from him at 2 am once the bars had closed. He was slurring his words, he was incoherent, and I knew he wouldn’t remember spilling his guts to me the next morning– and I loved it.

Fast forward to nine months later after our third and final break-up, the drunk calls were still present on both ends, and they were much less lovable. No girl wants to wake up to see that she made 10 calls to her ex at 3 am, and she certainly doesn’t need her ex calling her while she’s out at the club trying to forget about him.

And yet, when I get a drunk call from the guy I’m currently crushing on, I still pick up. Every. Damn. Time. And I bet you do too.

Because It’s One Of The Few Times We Can Express Our Emotions

Once while in a drunken fight, my ex called me a “brick wall of emotion.” I laughed about it for days with my girlfriends after, but he was right…and he was the same way. Because our generation is so shitty at telling each other how we feel, we resort to alcohol to provide some liquid courage. If liquid courage doesn’t work, we can always just say we blacked out and don’t remember telling our hook-up buddy that we “really really really like” them. Maybe the guy you “have a thing with” has never done so much as liked your Instagram pic, but he did drunk-call you that one time saying he couldn’t stop thinking about you, right?

Because We Know It’s Honest

Drunk words are sober thoughts, right? Although I can guarantee that this isn’t 100% true, I think that most people’s black-out alter egos are more sane than my own drunk persona. However, if a guy is calling us to tell us that we mean something to him (or even just calling us in general), it does mean that there’s probably something there. I would forewarn you that this obviously doesn’t count when regarding booty calls, but I’m sure the majority of “booty calls” you get are actually in the form of a text or a snapchat.

Because It Means He’s Alone

No matter how much we’re “not the jealous type,” we still like knowing that the dude we like is going home alone. I’m pretty sure you can safely assume that if a guy is calling you after the clubs have closed, it means that he didn’t find anyone to take home (or maybe, just maybe, he didn’t want to take anyone else home). Even though he’s probably drunk off his ass, it’s kind of reassuring to know that his mind (and probably his penis) was thinking of you through the blur of Jack Daniels.

Because We Owe Him One

No matter how many times your boo has drunk called you, I can guarantee that you’re going to reciprocate at least a little bit. Don’t be too quick to tease your man for calling you 15 times last night, because karma is going to come around and you’re probably going to do the exact same thing next time you go out on a tequila Thursday. At least if we’re receiving drunk calls from someone, we don’t have to feel as embarrassed about reciprocating, right? Right. Granted, it would be nice if he called us sober once in a while instead of snap-chatting us as the primary form of communication…but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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