This Is What Happens When You Text Your Boo Using Only Justin Bieber Lyrics

Rumors have been flying around that all of Justin Bieber’s latest work was written about Selena Gomez. Whether this is true or false, you can’t deny that his three latest singles all sound like texts from your ex. I mean seriously, “What Do You Mean?, “Where Are You Now?,” and “Sorry.” I’ll take bets that the next track is going to be called either “I Miss You” or “Can We Talk?”

The track titles have been so conversational, that I wondered if you could actually use all three sequentially in conversation without a dude noticing. While I don’t have the balls to text my ex (at least not when I’m sober, anyways) I figured if I texted my current boo it would have the same effect. I also convinced two of my girlfriends to try the same thing with their current fuck buddies/boyfriends. While some dudes picked up on the J Biebs lyrics immediately (maybe they’re big fans?) others seemed to not be affected whatsoever by the inquisitive texts, they probably thought we were just being “crazy girls” as usual.

1. The Bieber Sexts

2. The Angry Bieber Fan


3. The Confused AF Bieber

4. The Lubricated Bieber


Cover photo courtesy of Online Listing International

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