This Guy Uses His Penis To Paint Portraits, And They’re Good

When you think of what dicks are usually good for, you think of sex, sex, and maybe some orgasms thrown in there. They’re also pretty good at getting cum all over your black bedsheets, creating sexual tension by getting hard at the wrong times, and never being as big as you think they’re going to be.

Tim Patch, also known as Pricaso, had a different career path in mind for his dick (other than just pounding pussy). Pricaso paints portaits using only his penis…and surprisingly, they’re pretty damn good.

Pricaso is based in Australia, but will be taking his talents to Sexpo UK (running from November 13-15), which is a self-described “sexual lifestyle and health exhibition.” The event promises that they have performers, and we can only imagine that Pricaso is one of the lucky few.

After viewing the below video, if you dare, you can see how Pricaso creates these “one of a kind” pieces. I don’t have a penis, but after actually seeing how he maneuvers his member around, it doesn’t look quite as impressive…I thought he’d be free-styling it, you know? He’s basically just using his dick instead of a paint brush. Either way, I do wonder if all that paint is hard to wash off…or even sanitary? My second thought is wondering how old this dude is? He kind of has a decent body compared to how old his face looks? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to hit on Pricaso…

But, really, who needs caricature artists when you can have a portrait painted by a guy’s dick?

All photos courtesy of Getty Images

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