This Fetty Wap Remix Did Rita Ora A Serious Solid

Rita Ora better be sending Fetty Wap a case of Remy Martin because the New Jersey rapper just did her a serious solid by hopping on the remix of her new single “Body On Me”, saving it from mediocrity.  Oh Fetty, what would we ever do without you?

You see, Rita Ora’s career is in trouble. It’s been 6 years since Jay Z signed the British pop star to Roc Nation, and she’s still struggling to find an audience over here in America. The problem is her consistency. One month she’ll release pure pop perfection like “I Will Never Let You Go”, and then the next she’ll partner up with Chris Brown to release lackluster singles with grammatically incorrect titles like “Body On Me”.

While Rita and Brown maneuver capably through this second-rate, radio-friendly pop song about getting nasty with your boo, neither of them can transcend the song’s mediocrity.  
Or maybe it’s just that neither of them gives a sh*t. Whatever the reason, something’s missing, and that something is Fetty Wap.


While Fetty doesn’t have what you’d ever call a traditionally great voice (or even a traditionally good voice), the dude could 
sing the telephone book and we’d all want to listen. With four songs currently charting on the Billboard Hot 100, it’s safe to say that everything he touches turns to gold, no matter how ridiculous or bland the subject matter.

So despite the whateverness of “Body On Me” as a whole, Fetty’s verse makes the track well worth your listen.  You may even find yourself pressing repeat.  Maybe.

I think I speak for us all when I say, you’re welcome, Rita.

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