This (Drunk) Modern Love Story Is Actually #CoupleGoals

Once upon a time, Prince Charming fell in love with Cinderella based off of one night and her shoe size. Noah saw Allie at a carnival and almost risked his life on a ferris wheel for one date. Today? Relationships blossom out of Instagram comments, apparently.

#Couplegoals is frequently tagged, commented, or captioned on every social media platform. It ranges from photos of FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson to screen shots of cute good morning text messages. While half of these posts are a bit laughable and pointless, there may be finally a couple that is actually worthy of the hashtag #couplegoals.

Meet Jillian Sipkins and Justin Willman, the Los Angeles couple who have chosen to record a short video explaining how they met prior to their wedding. The catch? They got f*cking hammered while telling the story. In the style of Comedy Central’s show “Drunk History,” Jillian and Justin recount how they first spotted each other, and how over a year later they finally sat down for sushi.

Unlike Disney and Nicholas Spark’s couples, Jillian and Justin are immediately lovable because they are actually relatable. We all recognize that look Jillian starts giving towards Justin once she starts getting more and more wasted (note the leg-lift near the end). We all know the feeling of how when you have a crush on a guy, you freak the f*ck out and usually end up using alcohol to solve your emotional crisis. One thing we do commend Jillian for is having the balls to (somewhat) make the first move in initiating a hangout with Justin. Sh*t, maybe if we weren’t so ingrained in our gender roles we’d have husbands by now?

Check out Jillian and Justin’s adorable wedding photos below:

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