Be Thirsty For A Career, Not The ‘D’


Girls love to say how much guys suck and how much they hate them. But in reality, we don’t hate them. In fact we need that “D” from time to time. But more during lunch break, if we’re out of town for a conference, just left the office, had a hard day at work etc.

Because yes, having a great man wrapped around your arms is a wonderful accessory. But having multiple commas in your bank is even better.

Men are not the enemy though. Distraction? Sometimes. But we shouldn’t be so damn thirsty for the “D” allllll the time. And there’s no denying that we are these days.

How many times have you heard a girlfriend b*tch and moan about how they’re going to be single forever, or can’t find a good man, or have the worst luck?



If we spent even a percentage of that time wasted on talking about men and using it on talking about ideas and dreams, we would all be walking around with Louboutins that we purchased with our own money. Not daddy’s money (or sugar daddy’s money if that’s the wave for you).

Stop spending a vast amount of your time stalking his Facebook and the girls he poses in pictures with. Quit researching him and his life and research companies, brands, moguls, etc. that you aspire to work with or for.

Stop trying to get the man and be the f*cking man.

Quit trying to think of date ideas to pitch the dude who won’t text you back. Instead, come up with pitches to sell your ideas and goals. Or maybe a pitch to land you that dream job that just happened to open up.

Don’t spread your legs, spread your resume.



We need to stop focusing our time on impressing guys and throw every ounce of our energy into impressing ourselves, colleges, co-workers, etc.

Because the less time we spend worrying or depending on a man is more time we can use to better ourselves.

And there’s nothing sexier than that.

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