Things They Tell You Not To Do In College (But That You Will Do Anyway)

You know that feeling of being told something, when it’s going right through one ear and then out the other? It seems that the only real way to learn a lesson is to make the mistakes yourself. Then again, sometimes it’s the mistakes that make the best memories. And there is no place that you will make more mistakes than in college. We are sure your parents have given you the lecture many times already. That speech right before you head out on your own for the first time. And we are sure that you have also already broken every single one of the rules that they set down for you. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Here are a few things that everyone does in college, even though they probably shouldn’t.

“Don’t Go Out on a Weeknight”

After the first few times going out on a weekend, when literally every college freshman is headed out in their tightest little booty shorts, you will never want to go out on a weekend again. Besides, the only way to really cut the stress is to take a night to do everything that your college professor doesn’t want to imagine you doing. They don’t call it tipsy tuesday for nothing.

“Don’t Throw a Dorm Party”

Don’t initiate the basic college right of passage? Even if you end up getting caught, this is one party that is almost always sure to be the shit. Especially if it’s BYOB.

“Don’t Bring Boys Back To Your Room”
It’s happened a million times, you meet him at the club and you think its true love and he lives with his mom. You have a cozy dorm all to yourself (plus one roommate). It may be a mistake but sometimes it’s not, and hopefully you got a little more out of it than just boy-scented pillowcases.

“Don’t Spend All Your Money”
Ok but there’s booze to buy, and weed to smoke and then there’s that pair of ass kicking leather boots and I really needed Seamless… oh yeah and of course school supplies and textbooks and toilet paper. See the problem here?

“Don’t Cut Class”
Try as we might, sometimes we just can’t help it. Sometimes the stress gets to you or the subsequent all nighters. Sometimes you are sad and need a day to just not get dressed. On the other hand, last minute concerts/ parades/ possible adventures, sometimes warrant a missed class. Not to say that this should be done all the time…but one missed class in the name of adventure is never a bad thing.

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