15 Things That Shock The Men Who Don’t Have Sisters


He didn’t grow up with a sister and therefore has no idea about half the sh*t us women buy, do, or need. He is completely doe eyed about our habits and it’s pretty f*cking adorable. I once dated a guy who didn’t have any sisters and his mom wasn’t much of a girly girl so he was constantly in awe or shock from daily routines to things I would buy.

And for those of you who have never dated a man who grew up without sisters, here are some of the things we do or have that will be eye opening for him. And maybe just take into account why he’s probably starring at you in confusion.

1. We Claim Territory With Bobby Pins And Hair Ties

If Christopher Columbus was a woman, he would have flung a hair tie at America, called dibs and use a bobby pin to hold it down. Okay, so maybe not, but men are just as surprised as us when they find a bobby pin or hair tie in our room/their room/the bathroom/their pocket/a book/laptop keyboard/or our actual hair. They don’t understand how many we go through and how many we need in order to keep our stock full.


2. Tampons

Or just anything to do with our period. One guy I dated didn’t understand why I needed an entire box of tampons…he thought you could just buy one at a time, for each month, like you were asking for a Tootsie Roll Pop.

Also, some guys think we only bleed for a day? Or don’t understand why tampons have a string at the end? Just reassure him that everything’s okay and no our periods do not last one day, yes they can be painful, and one tampon doesn’t cut it.

3. Shower Supplies

We use conditioner, shampoo, body wash, soap bar, loofahs, razors, shaving cream, maybe a face mask, foot scrub, etc. He probably uses shampoo and body wash. So the fact that our shower is filled with bottles and any small movement could cause everything to trample over like a domino effect has him baffled.

4. Hair Loss

Okay, not like literally, but we shed. We know this, but he probably doesn’t. It’s going to be alarming for him at first, but we can’t help that. It’s not like we enjoy the fact that our hair gets everywhere from the floor, to the bed, to brushes, to our clothes. Oops.


5. Getting Ready Routine

He doesn’t fully understand that you do not jump out of bed, grab the clothes near you and walk out the door. Unless you’re hungover and late for work, then that’s the only exception.

But he will have to get used to the fact that we need at least an hour to get ready. From showering, make-up, even for creating that natural bullsh*t look, the perfect outfit, shoes, hair, sunglasses, packing our purse with sh*t for the day like an umbrella, and EVEYBROWS. Argh, can’t forget that one.

6. Advil

Sure sometimes we get awful headaches, but the Advil is usually for excruciating cramps and the pain we can’t take when we’re on our periods. That’s always a real plot twist for him.

7. Make-Up

He will never get over the vast amount of make-up we have, need and how much we spend. He’s just going to have to accept this one for what it is. We can’t help it that we need every shade of red lipstick out there.


8. Shower And Closet Space Are Sacred

We don’t want his sh*t falling into ours or having more room. Because we actually need it. And it is not a joking matter. Unless he wants to sleep in the dog house for a week.

9. We’re Never Hungry But We’ll Always Eat

We will never admit that we’re hungry. Ever. We may say we could go for a snack, or maybe something little, but we’re just being polite. If he takes that as we’re not really hungry and orders food for himself only, well, he can expect that we’re going to eat at least half of it slowly but surely.

10. Random Acts Of Chocolate/Wine Are Always Welcomed

He can take us to nice dinners or buy us fancy bottles of perfume, but nothing will get him laid faster than if he comes home to us with a nice bottle of wine or bar of chocolate. It’s the little things we love to have after work hours.


11. Hands Off The Red Sour Patch Kids

He’s going to have to practice sacrifice and one of the first steps will be in realizing that the red sour patch kids will always be ours. And if he attempts to have one, it may be game over. Not really, but we’ll definitely pout.

12. Blankets Are Required For Movies/TV

We don’t care if it’s hot as balls in your living room, we will come to the couch dragging a blanket or comforter for the both of us. I’m not really sure why we do this and it’s always a tough one to explain, but he’s going to need to just go with it.

13. We Change As Soon As We Get Home 

Coming home from work he may find us looking extra fine, but within minutes of walking through the door we go to sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on.


14. He Will Never Get His Clothes Back

We love guys clothes. Maybe it’s because they make us feel skinnier. Like that feeling after you get a tan. But seriously, if he lends us a pair of sweatpants or a hoodie, he’s not going to get it back. Of course he’ll see it again, but on us. Our closet is a black hole and his clothes will get sucked in whether he likes it or not.

15. Stuffed Animals Are Still A Thing

We don’t even care if he gives us weird looks- stuffed animals never go out of style. Hell, I have a bunny stuffed animal on my bed right now. The sooner he realizes that they’re not going anywhere and maybe buys us one, the closer he is to understanding women. Especially once he has grown up with zero sisters.

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