11 Things Drunk Girls Do That They Deny When Sober

If you’re a party girl, you probably have a drunk alter ego. She does shit you would never do sober, right? Whether it’s calling your ex-boyfriend crying, or eating a giant meat lovers pizza when you swear you’re a vegetarian, you’ve been there.


1. Making the First Move

Soberly, you refuse to text first, the boys gotta work for it. However, add a little alcohol in the mix and you have no problem sending a message saying “let’sss seXX” or approaching a strange hottie at the bar with no reservations whatsoever.

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2. Being Cocky as F***

“One time I told the dude who hit on me that he was going to buy drinks for me and all my friends… it actually worked”

3. Ordering Enough Food for a Small Country

Sure, it was fourth dinner, but you really couldn’t decide if you wanted pizza, wings, cheese fries, or tacos; what’s a girl to do?

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4. Throwing Shade at Lovers Past

Like any chick, you never let a guy know that he hurt you, and make sure to laugh extra hard when he’s around. When you’re drunk, there’s no telling if you’ll run up to him and start listing 20 of the worst names you could call somebody… then breaking down in tears after.

5. Crying For No Reason

Speaking of tears, sometimes it has nothing to do with a past lover at all. Sometimes you just cry… and you’re kind of like “what the f***?”

6. Becoming a Stripper For The Night

As much as we pretend that girls getting naked when drunk is something that only happens on Girls Gone Wild, I have physical photos of friends parading down a public street in their thongs en route to a bar. I wish I was kidding…

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7. Having Sex No Matter What Tries To Stop You

“I was on my period so I tried to tell the dude that he couldn’t go down there. Once he said he didn’t care, I quickly pulled my tampon out and he ended up eating me out for practically an hour… sup Dracula?”

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8. But Leave Mid Thrust if it Suits You

“I’ve been so drunk that I told the guy I was with that he was boring in bed and left in the middle of sex.”

8. Treat The World As Your Toilet

I’ve seen way too many chicks pee in public… possibly more than dudes. A friend of mine decided to let it out in the middle of a crowd at a Waka Flocka Flame concert once… a bunch of chicks were freaking out and she just went along with them acting like she didn’t know who did it.

9. Having Multiple Partners In One Night

“Once I f***ed two guys named Matt in one night… so if anybody asked I just said I had sex with Matt, because I wasn’t technically lying..”

10. Peeing The Bed

The only thing worse than waking up with a rando? Waking up with a rando in a slightly damp bed…

11. Deciding You’re The Bartender

Bartender not moving fast enough for you, you alcoholic? No worries, just hop behind the bar and make a drink yourself!

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