4 Things We Learned From The Royals Last Night: Episode 4


1. The Queen is apparently on Instagram

Although I’m aware that this is a TV show not a reality show (although these days there’s not much of a difference), I found it pretty funny that Helena told her chief of staff to Instagram a photo she snapped of Gemma and Liam on the jet. Upon further research, I see that Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate have their own @kensingtonroyal account, shows how much I know.

2. Ryan Reynolds > Any Prince

Being royalty is great and all… but have you seen Ryan Reynolds ass? Not to mention that he’s f*cking hilarious… Apparently Gemma left Liam to chase after Mr. Reynolds in Madagascar, who could blame her?

3. “I Don’t Want To Move Too Fast”= Never gonna happen

Sorry Nick, we think you’re a cutie, but we don’t think Ophelia is pheelin’ it anymore. Nothing wrong with wanting to take things slow, but stopping you from going in for a kiss? She’s just not that into you dude.

4. “Do not under circumstances, talk to any fat people.”

How could we not include some of the “wisdom” that Helena bestows upon her heirs?

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