How To Thin Out Clumpy Mascara

Putting on layers of mascara is a slippery slope. One moment you’re needing another coat for your lashes to really “pop,” and the next minute you’re trying to pry your lashes apart so they don’t look like one big blob.

It might not be your mascara application technique though, it might just be your mascara.

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Unless you’re going for an avant-garde fashion week look, clumpy mascara is probably not your desired look. So how do you fix it?

With contact solution.

When Byrdie was getting lost in customer reviews on the Sephora website (as we all do sometimes), they noticed that one reviewer, jackie1894620, said that she thins out her Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara with contact solution.

Genius, right?

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She’s not the only one to realize this trick. In fact, a few of beauty blogs have also hopped onto this easy mascara fix. Next time your mascara is being whack, some contact solution should do the trick, just don’t go overboard!

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