Can These Mushrooms Make You Orgasm Instantly?

When you think about mushrooms and sex, you’re probably taken back to your high school boyfriend who used to think it was sick to trip on shrooms alone in his basement before he called you. Maybe you think of that veggie pizza that you wolfed down last Saturday night instead of responding to your booty call. You’ve probably never associated mushrooms with orgasms, have you? If you read about this fungi infused arousal tea, you might have had your qualms about herbs and orgasms, but you have never seen something like this…

Say hello to Phallus Indusiatus. No, it’s not a dildo. It’s a mushroom from the Hawaiian islands, and it’s nothing like the portobello mushrooms you chow down on at Italian restaurants. Scientists John C. Holliday and Noah Soule of the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms discovered Phallus Indusiatus in the ancient lava flows of Hawaii. They also found that solely the smell of this plant can cause women to spontaneously orgasm.

Yes, orgasm. I didn’t make a typo. Your loser boyfriend can’t make you orgasm after eating you out for an entire hour, but this mushroom plant can probably make you orgasm after one whiff.

However, you probably have some doubts, right? Your BFF might get off after one spanking, but you might need hours of foreplay before even being ready for the main event. According to the researchers, half of the females that smelled this mushroom achieved orgasm. The rest of the women, while they didn’t climax, were noticeably aroused.

The only problem? That although the rest of this information is available, we can’t seem to find how many women partook in this study. After all, 50% is impressive if they surveyed 100 women, not so much if they only surveyed two. Their study appears to only be available online for the premium sum of $800…so our sources say that you should go back to your vibrator and your grocery store mushrooms. Maybe use your vibrator while eating mushroom linguine? That sounds pretty awesome to me…and it’s not like I was planning a trip to Hawaii soon anyways.






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