These Are The Secrets Your BFF Knows About Your Boyfriend

Many may argue that in the ideal relationship, your significant other is your best friend. I don’t disagree with this, but there’s something about having a best friend who also has a vagina that just doesn’t compare to your boo. After all, if your boyfriend is your best friend, who are you going to go to when he’s really annoying you? Or when you need advice about what to get him for Christmas? Or, God forbid, when you two break up and you need some comforting?

As much as you make your boyfriend swear not to tell his friends about the time you farted in your sleep or about the time he came in your eye, you don’t exactly hold yourself to the same standards when confiding his secrets to your BFF, do you?

1. She’s Seen His Nudes

You know that your man probably shows your nudes to his bros, so what’s wrong with you showing off your dude’s killer body to your BFF? Besides, you guys live vicariously through each other’s sex lives anyways. Hell, she’s the one who takes the nudes that you send to your boo when you can’t get everything in one selfie.

2. She Knows What He Likes In Bed

If she doesn’t get the firsthand experience of hearing the moaning and the spanking coming from your room, she gets to hear about it from you. Every last detail, from the killer blowjob you gave to the freaky rim job you received, is probably going to be told in explicit detail to her…whether she wants to hear it or not.

3. She Knows When He Hurts You

The problem with telling your BFF everything about your relationship is that when your boyfriend fucks up, she’s going to hear about it. And if she’s a true BFF? She’s probably going to hold a grudge. If you’re one of those girls who cries for 24 hours straight after your boyfriend cheats on you and then you take him back the next day, I feel horrible for your friends. Your best friend isn’t some kind of crazy grudge-holder, she simply cares about you. No girl wants to see their best friend get hurt constantly by a guy without trying to do something about it. If your best friend doesn’t like your boyfriend, you should listen to her.

4. And She Knows When You’re Completely Head Over Heels

Your best friend’s reaction when she realizes this aren’t much different than number 3, because she is equally as aggravated. If you bring up your boy one more time, she might have to put a muzzle on you…or at least turn it into a drinking game. As much as she may make gagging noises and tell you to stop ditching her for dick, she’s secretly happy that you’ve found a guy as crazy as you are (unless he’s a fuck boy, then her gagging noises are for real).

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