5 Reasons Why There Will Only Be One Leo DiCaprio..EVER!

Leonardo DiCaprio just turned 39, but clearly he is not yet ready to throw in the towel and become just another cigar smoking homebody just yet. Sunday night he celebrated the big 3-9 by partying all night at New York’s Tao nightclub with Kim and Kanye among several other a listers. Obviously Leo is still hot, having caught the eye of nearly every supermodel in the business (currently dating model Toni Garrn), so I thought it might be nice to go over Leo’s top 5 hottest moments in honor of his birthday. Happy 39th Mr. DiCaprio!

1. Titanic: How could we talk about Leo and not think about Jack Dawson. This was Leo at his red hot sexiest, chained up soaking wet to a pole. If you didn’t want to murder Rose for letting go of Jack’s cold dead body at the end of the movie, then you are not human.

2. Romeo & Juliet: His second hottest role! Of course as the lanky young blonde on the scene, he was a no brainer to play the young romantic. There is not a girl on this planet that didn’t want to be in Claire Danes’ angel wings in that movie.

3. He has been with Gisele, Erin Heatherton and now Toni Garrn!: Leo is the ultimate Victoria’s Secret modelizer. Normally this behavior would be considered sleazy but if you are 39 and still able to date young, hot angels, you must have something going for you. Between him and Adam Levine, there doesn’t seem to be very many models left for the rest of the young hopefuls.

4. The Great Gatsby: Leonardo’s comeback to sex god status. Just when we thought he would be consigned to only playing either schizophrenic detectives or racist southerners, he swoops in to play one of the most romantic literary heroes in history! Well played Old Sport.

5. Rapped to on his Birthday by Kanye West and 2 Chainz: Kanye flew in from LA especially to sing to Leonardo for his big 39th! Can you say ADORABLE?

Written by: Amanda Lang

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