There’s Nothing Cute About Dating A Player

It’s not a secret that us girls tend to go for the wrong guys. The cocky asshole, the disappearing douchebag, the pretentious bastard; we’ll take all three! Something about the guys that don’t want us and that kick girls to the curb after they’ve gotten our nut just seems to draw us even closer to them. Surprisingly, and luckily, I have never really been one of these girls. I never got that “fixing” gene. You know, the one where girls want to be “the one” that changes him from his cheating past or promiscuous reputation. This isn’t to say that I haven’t hooked up with Douche-bags, I’ve certainly made some questionable decisions after too many mind-erasers on a thirsty Thursday. However, I’ve learned something about these self-proclaimed “ladies men,” they are actually the worst lay you’ll ever have.


Bold statement? Maybe. After all, if these guys are getting so many girls, they’re obviously experienced, way more experienced then the shy kid in your Chem class who’s had a long time girlfriend for the past three years, right? Wrong.

Let’s dissect these polo-wearing, snapchat-using men’s lives for a second here. If they’re getting it in, power to them. But, these guys pride themselves on the fact that they hit it and quit it. So they f*** their prey for the evening and probably never talk to them again. Think about it, if you’re hooking up with a random guy for the first time, are you going to have the balls to tell him that his head game is weak? (Actually, most douches probably won’t even give head to a first time hookup anyways because apparently there is a head double standard, but for the sake of my argument let’s pretend.) No, you’re probably not going to give him any direction in the bedroom because you’re not comfortable enough to tell him that that was not nearly enough foreplay and that your clitoris does not reside near your anus.


So, by going through girls like socks, these guys may think they’re killing the game, when in reality, they most likely are sub-par at best in bed. Even if they did manage to pick up some skills in the sac, do they really even f***ing care about pleasing a one night stand? Let’s not forget that we’re dealing with men here..

nic cage derp

So, while you may accuse me of generalizing men, as women tend to do, I’m simply stating my opinion based on experience. You really have absolutely nothing to gain from hooking up with this stereotype of a dude. I recommend avoiding them like the plague and letting someone younger and more naive then you being his one-night-stand instead.

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