There’s A Woman In Nebraska Suing All Gay People


Taking homophobia to new levels of absurdity, 66-year-old Silvia Ann Driskell of Auburn, Nebraska has decided that she is, an “ambassador” for “God, and his son, Jesus Christ”, according to NBC News. Silvia decided to sue every gay person on the planet apparently, submitting a petition to Nebraska’s District Court of Appeals.

The respondents named in the case are simply “homosexuals”. Driskell’s petition was listed  as Driskell v. Homosexuals on the case docket and is a seven page hand writted document in which Driskell asks the court to determine, “is Homosexuality a sin, or not sin”. She continues on in the petition writing, “The homosexuals say that it is not a sin to be homosexual; and they have the right to marry, be parents, and God doesn’t care that they are homosexuals, because he loves them”.


Sylvia’s Petition to the District Court of Appeals

Despite what could be described as a valiant effort on the part of Driskell to take the entire population of Gay people on this earth to court, Nebraska’s District Court of Appeals has stated that no summonses were issued to the defendants.

Unfortunately for Driskell, it doesn’t look they the court will be deciding whether or not Homosexuality is a sin. But hey, at least she provided all of us with some comedy this week.

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